The National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) Announces the New Collins Rating System (CRS)

The National Axe Throwing Federation’s latest announcement regarding the new global rating system being released in the coming weeks has axe throwing arenas across the nation, including ours, rejoicing in celebration. The new rating system, which will be called the Collins Rating System, or CRS, will now make it easier and more efficient to accurately rate the achievements of competitive players for all competitions and sanctioned leagues – and here’s everything you need to know:

Basis For New Ratings

All ratings for the new system will be based on several different factors. For starters, performing well under pressure in important events will now have a greater impact on your rating than ever before. For instance, your performance in a playoff game will weigh more heavily than your performance in standard regular season play, and a championship game will outweigh a playoff game, and so forth. Next, opponent rankings will now be taken into consideration more when assigning points during matches, meaning the greater the enemy you face the more points you will get, and the stronger you can become! One the flip side, however, if you face an opponent significantly weaker than you, you could lose points even if you win. Finally, the CRS’ complex algorithm will also divide every match into rounds, and keep track of who wins each round and how the games go overall.

What Does This Mean For Competitive Players?

Because this new rating system will not affect the traditional Champions Points system (which helps determine qualifiers for the NATC) in any way, it will be able to be utilized by leagues all over who wish to use the system to help elect players for local tournaments and events. All ratings will even be published to every week to help keep everyone in the loop on every player’s most up-to-date scores and rankings. According to the NATF, “every player’s career starts at a score of 1450,” which will go up or down after every match according to wins and losses.

Interested in Competing?

To take part in any NATF sanctioned tournaments or events, you first have to join a competitive league through an NATF sanctioned arena – and there is only one in the entire state of Minnesota, Minnesota Axe. That means, if you’re interested in joining a league and seeing how far your skills can take you, you’re definitely going to want to reach out to our heroic axeperts here at Minnesota Axe as soon as possible. After all, though the system is still far from perfect and the NATF is still making a lot of adjustments to enhance its software, you’re not going to want to miss your chance to at least get your name on the board!