Team Building Activities Elk River MN

Are you looking for team building activities Elk River MN?

Team building activities are so important, and not just for your employees. By giving your staff time to bond outside the workplace together, you’re helping your team build real relationships, which will make communication and organization in your office significantly smoother. You’ll see productivity increase as everyone works harder to always stay on the same page, and ultimately your entire office atmosphere will get better – all because of a few well-timed team building activities. Although, if you want to maximize the impact your team building activities have on your employees, you can’t choose just anything. You have to pick something exciting that everyone can enjoy. Something physical that will get everyone participating, and their endorphins pumping. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to choose a place where you can enjoy fun team building activities, and great food and beverages. That’s why, we recommend either of our Minnesota Axe axe throwing locations in Monticello or Eagan. From food and drinks, to non-stop entertainment and lots of space, we have everything you need at both to host the perfect team building activities. We even have trained axe masters on site at each to ensure everyone is being safe at all times. Besides, where better to host your team building activities for your loyal employees in Elk River than at one of Minnesota’s first and only National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) sanctioned arenas?

It’s All About the Thunk!

The feeling of planting an axe into the wood target is exhilarating. Minnesota Axe has partnered with Emagine Entertainment to provide a first-class interactive entertainment experience. We offer 16 lanes where you can hurl hatchets, eat, drink and compete. Groups big and small have experienced the energy of this venue we can’t wait for you to join us! 1 hour Walk Ins are also available!




Team Building Activities Elk River MN

Our team at Minnesota Axe simply could not be more proud help you host the most fun and exhilarating team building activities for your employees in Elk River, MN. Sherburne County’s city of Elk River is the county seat of the area, named after the Elk River that flows right into the Mississippi River in the center of town. All in all, it’s a very nice place to live. Multiple sources of fresh water allow for ample wildlife and recreation, all the while upholding the integrity of the upscale neighborhoods surrounding them. The only downside is, Elk River is more of a rural residential community than anything else. Aside from a few farms and parks, the hardworking residents of Elk River have not much else to do. That’s why, if you’re trying to entertain your staff from Elk River, you need to think outside the box – and by that we mean axe throwing. We can already tell you, our axe throwing arena in Monticello, Minnesota Axe, is only 20 minutes away from Elk River. All you have to do is call ahead and make a reservation so we can have your team building activities ready to go when you arrive!

If you are looking for the best team building activities Elk River MN, book a game here (for groups less than 36 people), stop in to Minnesota Axe today at 9375 Deegan Avenue Monticello, MN 55362 (inside Emagine Entertainment) or call 763.295.4882, or our Eagan location at 2055 Cliff Rd, Eagan, MN 55122 or call 651.905.4927, or simply fill out the form below for groups larger than 36:

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