Rule Clarification: Throwing Motions

When it comes to axe throwing, making sure everyone is playing properly by the same rules is the best way to keep track of everyone’s progress and achievements throughout each match. So, to ensure you’re ready to beat out your competition fair and square, we’re here to announce and explain the National Axe Throwing Federation’s (NATF) latest rule clarification regarding proper throwing motions.


In regards to a player’s “plant foot,” the rules imply that a player’s foot “must be 100% behind the black throwing line before a thrower begins their throwing motion.” However, this has led many players to believe that it requires a person’s entire foot to be planted flatly on the ground, which is not actually the case. In reality, a player’s foot “does not have to be flat against the ground, so long as some part of it is touching the ground and it’s entirely behind the black throwing line before the thrower begins the final step of their throwing motion,” so says representatives of the NATF.

What The Rules Actually Say

There are two specific sections for rules related to foot placement in the NATF’s rules and guidelines section, both of which can be found under (1.5) Throwing Etiquette & Footfaults. The first has to do with “foot placement for a standard throwing axe,” which clarifies that:

  • A player’s “back foot must be planted completely behind the black line,” however, it may be “off center to the left or right of the black line, so long as it is still entirely behind the back of the black line in relation to its distance from the target.”

Only once a player in in the midst of throwing their axe can they move, taking a full step forward to bring “their rear foot to the front of their body and planting it as the motion to throw continues.” The same is true for the “foot placement for a Big Axe,” except the line is blue and not black.

Try It Out For Yourself

As always, we at Minnesota Axe, and our partners at the NATF, want our participants to enjoy the safest and most authentic axe throwing entertainment possible. By keeping you aware of all the latest rule changes and clarifications, we can guarantee a much more fulfilling experience for all. So please, reserve one of our axe throwing lanes today. Whether you’re a casual player, or a committed axe throwing pro, we’re confident we have everything you need to have a great time by yourself, or with those you love!