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Axe throwing can be more than just a fun time when you're out with friends, family, or co-workers. Throw with some of the best around in a season sanctioned by the International Axe Throwing Federation. Get access to the free app, Axescores to track your progress through any IATF season.

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Do You Have a Passion for the Sport of Axe Throwing?

Minnesota Axe is Minnesota's first IATF affiliate!
We hold leagues sanctioned by the International Axe Throwing Federation. Seasons are 8 weeks long. You will play 28 official matches and compete in a double elimination tournament. Members are allowed to miss any two weeks during the season besides weeks 7 & 8. We offer open leagues and private leagues. Reach out to your local MN Axe to find all the latest and greatest!
Visit the Reservations page to find upcoming leagues for all locations!

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Join an Axe Throwing League and Watch Your Skills Vastly Improve

The idea of the more you practice something, the better you’ll get holds true to axe throwing, as well. By joining a league, you will learn precise techniques to help you hit bullseyes and killshots much more frequently. Join with some friends or make new ones along the way as you all throw competitively against one another in a fun environment. Feel free to bring your own axe! League members also get half off on walk-ins!

Who knows- You may discover such a love for the sport that you continue on to compete in the world championships? You’ll never know how much fun it is until you experience it for yourself.
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What Our Guests Say?

"Had a great double date night. We tried the new archade mode Lanes. It was such a fun time. I can't wait to come back."

Zachary Z.

"A great place for date night. My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves. It was great that they assign an instructor to you the entire time so they can coach you into better throwing."

Jeri R.

"This was so much fun! The axe master was extremely helpful with making sure everyone knew how to throw properly and had fun. 10 out of 10 will be doing this again."

Mnranger A.